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Dr. Ortiz Founded QuoVadis, a video production company dedicated to the creation of educational and surgical videos with the purpose of educating and promoting bariatric surgery as a safe and effective tool for weight loss. He was one of the first surgeons to use the online video platform to educate the patient. He is also president of IBC Communications and IBC-TV, the largest community of bariatric surgeons online.

Video: Worlds First Virtual Reality Surgery  

Watch the 360 video on Bariatric surgery done at Obesity Control Center in Tijuana, Mexico where Dr. Ortiz takes you through a journey what is like to be present inside an operative room while a gastric plication is being performed and everything around it.

Podcast: OCC Balance

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Starting off our OCC Balance podcast series with today’s Episode - KETO DIET, with our host Dr. Ariel Ortiz. 

Docu Series: Food Anatomy ®

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America's Favorite Dermatologist has teamed up with Dr. Ariel Ortiz to produce and star in a fun series about eating healthy south of the border. The series takes you through several destinations in northern baja, now considered by many experts as a top global culinary destination.

Docu Series: Mexican Fat


A healthy and Delicious Journey! Mini Series that takes you in a colorful journey through the myths and reality of the Keto diet throughout the insights of the most famous traditional cooks and chefs in Mexico. Travel with us to the paradise of pleasure and health.