Rescue Surgery! Banding the failed Bypass

Rescue Surgery! Banding the failed Bypass

After agreeing to consult, proctor and teach for the Biometrics corp. (Carpinteria, California) Dr. Ortiz used his vast knowledge on Adjustable Silicone Gastric Banding and put it to good use. Not only did he train the first several hundred surgeons in the U.S. Canada, and Latin America in the clinical use of gastric banding, he also trained hand in hand in many operating rooms of America, including some prestigious institutions like UCLA, Cleveland Clinics, University of Illinois Medical Center, university of Pittsburgh medical center, etc.  One of the unique applications that immediately came to mind was how to help patients that had already undergone a different weight loss surgery that was failing or was not responding with the appropriate weight-loss. Dr. Ortiz decided to start a trial with a handful of patients at Obesity Control Center and after qualifying for the program, performed a novel procedure which entailed the placement of an adjustable silicone gastric band around the small pouch of a gastric bypass. This band would result in gastric restriction and regaining the inability to overeat for those patients that had experienced the initial restriction of the first surgery (gastric bypass) and subsequently lost this sensation months after the initial procedure. 

This technique resulted in sharing the results in the 2006, ASMBS meeting where the delegates from the US and Canada we closely paying attention. This technique, known as the Bypass Rescue, designed by Dr Ortiz at Obesity Control Center, became the Gold Standard for Bypass revision and is still used everywhere around the world.


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